Chemistry at UIUC

Two chemistry students in white lab coats work in a lab looking over stacked trays.
Chemistry at Illinois is the place for inquisitive students who want to craft fulfilling and meaningful careers in the chemical sciences. Our program will prepare you to navigate a competitive job market by developing your technical, research, and analytical skills and give you a global perspective.
As an undergraduate, your opportunities are endless. 

Curt Althaus wearing a white lab coat with arms folded standing in a lab in front of chemistry lab equipment.
Curt Althaus


“My research journey started during high school with a simple idea for an electrochemical carbon capture device. Despite knowing very little about carbon capture, engineering, or the broader field of electrochemistry, the amazing teaching staff, campus facilities, and guidance of researchers made it possible to do novel and impactful research that contributes to climate change efforts. If you have a brilliant idea, a revealing question, or even a simple observation, Illinois provides the tools to explore, nurture, empower and share your findings with the world.”

Curtis Althaus, undergraduate Chemistry student researcher



Career Services

Our chemistry students work closely with the School of Chemical Science Career Services office to prepare for work in a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, energy, food/agriscience, consumer products, chemicals, technology, consulting, and more. Our students are also in demand: more than 92 Fortune 100 companies (Dow, 3M, AbbVie, McKinsey, DuPont, and more) recruit our chemistry graduates.

The average starting salary for an Illinois student with a Bachelor's in chemistry is $57,947. Chemistry at Illinois also prepares students to continue their education in science and professional graduate programs like pharmacy school, medical school, law school, and others.

A commitment to excellence in the Department of Chemistry at Illinois generates a rich environment for learning and research. The American Chemical Society, in a review of programs, calls the School of Chemical Sciences at Illinois "a major force in chemical education" in the United States, and the Department is consistently near the top of national rankings of chemistry programs. 


Degree programs

Students interested in majoring in chemistry have a choice between two programs. Explore the different curricula and discover what a major in chemistry has to offer.

High School and transfer students interested in obtaining information about the UIUC application process should visit:

For more information about the chemistry curriculum, opportunities in the School of Chemical Sciences (SCS) and benefits of joining SCS at Illinois, please contact the School of Chemical Sciences Academic Advising Office.