Chemistry Major 10KV0335BSLA

This chemistry major has fewer technical requirements than the other chemical sciences curricula but allows the most flexibility to pursue other interests. Pre-professional (premed, prelaw, prevet, etc.) students may choose either this major or the Chemistry Curriculum (10KV0335BS).

What can you do with a Chemistry Sciences and Letters Degree?

Many of our undergraduate Chemistry majors go on to graduate, medical, pharmacy, optometry, law, or other schooling. Those who enter the work force with a BS dgree typically choose one of three paths: education, government, or industry. Within industry, there are a number of specialties that students can choose, including chemicals, paints, fuels (petroleum, coal, nuclear), materials (metals, wood, plastics, textiles, paper) electronics, cosmetics, agricultural products, food science, consumer products, pharmaceuticals/healthcare, environment (water, safety, natural resources, energy) product analysis/quality control, consulting/business, law, or even writing, to name just a few.

Major Requirements

Chemistry Major in Sciences and Letters for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences - Official page detailing course requirements.

Pamphlet including the information above and a semester by semester sample of courses to take.

Transfer credit must be validated by the Director of General Chemistry.

The diploma for this major reads a "Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences." The transcript will specify "Major in Chemistry."

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