Undergraduate research

Chemistry majors are strongly encouraged to participate in research during their undergraduate careers. Research provides an opportunity to apply the principles learned in the classroom to an original problem. In addition, prospective employers and graduate schools both strongly value the undergraduate research experience.

If you are an undergraduate (of any major, not just Chemistry) interested in doing chemistry research on campus, you should begin by reviewing the different research areas and faculty listing, which contain links to professors' research and information. Although not required to pursue research, having an idea of which areas of chemistry you are interested may help to narrow down your search. Please also note that most faculty require a minimum of a two semester commitment. You will determine with your professor whether you will enroll in research credit as Chemistry 197, 297, 397, 497, or 499.

Once you have examined the options in terms of research areas and your future goals, you can fill out the research web form. This form asks general questions about your experiences and interests and also has a space to upload your resume/CV as a pdf. Providing a resume/CV is a required step. Please take care to fill out the form as carefully and completely as possible.

After you have submitted the web form, you will be contacted by a Department of Chemistry staff member who can help to facilitate the undergraduate research process.

Once you have obtained a research position, please contact chem-webmaster@illinois.edu so that your information may be removed from the search process.

If you are interested in viewing research opportunities from outside organizations, click on the 'External Opportunities' in the left menu.

Policies for Undergraduate Research

If you have any questions about the undergraduate research process, please contact Tina Huang.