Fall 1983/Spring 1984 Inorganic Chemistry Seminar Abstracts

Fall 1983
Literature Seminar Abstracts

The Bis-Pocket Porphyrin: A Synthetic Analog for Heme Proteins
Mary M. F  ox

Electron Transfer in a Series of Mixed-Valence Copper(II) - Copper(I) Complexes
Russell C. Long

Hetero- and Homobirnetallic Complexes of New Hard-Soft Binucleating Ligands
Debra A. Wrobleski

The Chemistry of Bis(cyclopentadienyl)divanadium Tetrasulfide: Elucidation of Ligand Dependent Reactivity and the Influence of π -Bonding
C. Mark Bolinger

High Pressure Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies in Inorganic Chemistry
David G. Vander Velde

Reactions of Dichalcogenide and Substituted Dichalcogenide Ligands of Molecular and Nonmolecular Compounds
John E. Hoots

Synthesis of Large Carbonyl Clusters of Ruthenium, Osmium and Rhenium
Chi-Mi Tai Hayward

Alkyne Metathesis Reactions
Wen-Yann Yeh

Applications of Nuclear Quadrupole Double Resonance Spectroscopy
Peter M. Woyciesjes

The Synthesis of Re2Pt(CO)12 and its Use as a Catalyst Precursor
Michael A. Urbancic

Inorganic Chemistry in Room Temperature Molten Salts
Clarke W. Earley

Transition Metal Complexes of Imido Ligands: Structure and Reactivity
Yun Chi

Spring 1984
Literature Abstracts

Inorganic Bone-Imaging Agents
James R. Schwartz

Carbon Monoxide Activation by Actinides
Dean M. Millar

Resonance Raman Studies of Heme Proteins and Models
Hye Kyung Cho

The Manganese Center in Photosynthetic Oxygen Evolution
Hsiu-Rong Chang

ENDOR - Applications in Transition Metal Chemistry
Ming Xie

Three-Iron Clusters in Iron-Sulfur Proteins
Sten A. Wallin

Synthesis and Reactivity of Cluster Bound Acetylides
Nam H. Hur

Synthetic Iron Porphyrins as Models for Heme Proteins
Daniel R. English

Alkyl, Alkylidene and Alkylidyne Triosmium Chemistry
Michelle Cree-Uchiyama

Studies of Dielectric Relaxation in La1-xSrxFeO3 with Dielectric Time Domain Spectroscopy
Peter Doan

Primary Photoproducts and the Mechanism of Ligand Substitution in the Photochemistry of Dinuclear Metal Carbonyls
Thomas R. Herrinton