Fall 1990/Spring 1991 Inorganic Seminar Abstracts

Fall 1990
Literature Abstracts

Synthesis, Structure and Reactivity of Soluble Vanadium Oxides in Organic Media
Omar M. Yaghi

Oxo, Imido, and Nitrido Compounds of Osmium(VI): Comparative Reactivity and Ligand Effects
Robert W. Marshman

Studies on the Mechanism of Oxygen Atom Transfer from Molecular Oxygen to Ir Coordinated Cyclooctadiene
Scott P. Lockledge

Synthesis of Transition Metal Polysulfide Complexes from Metal Powders
Emmanuel Ramli

Structure and Bonding in Clusters of Group 11 and 12 Metals
Michael D. Spencer

Cyclometallaphosphazenes: A New Family of Inorganic Heterocycles
Collin P. Galloway

Part I. Clathrasil Chemistry: Synthesis and Characterization of Dodecasil-3C and Dodecasil-1H Clathrasils
Part II. Synthesis and Structure of Pentamethylcyclopentadienylrhodium, Vanadium, and Molybdenum Oxides

Hee K. Chae

Structure and Intercalation Chemistry of Metal Phosphate Layer Compounds
Changwoo Park

Recent Developments in Lewis-Acid Base Chemistry
James Ecker

Structural Aspects of Phase Transitions in Inorganic Crystalline Solids
Todd A. Marquart

Inorganic Approaches to Molecular Magnets: The Bimetallic Chains
Jie Chen

Arsenogallanes - Single Source MOCVD Precursors to GaAs
Shifang Luo

Polysilanes: Their Synthesis, Properties and Application
Kathleen A. Kemper

Gas Phase Organometallic Chemistry: Alkane C-H and C-C Bond Activation
Wenbin Lin

Spring 1991
Literature Abstracts

Transition Metal Hydrides and Allyls as Chemical Vapor Deposition Precursors
John E. Gozum

Metalloporphyrin Photochemistry
Randall A. Watson

Bioinorganic Chemistry of Lead Toxicity
Homer Chou

Synthesis and Properties of CdS Clusters
Philip A. Gorlin

Part I. Studies of the Substitution and Formation Reactions of Rhenium Carbonyl o-Semiquinone Compounds
Part II. Molecular Mechanics Studies of the Steric Interactions in Chromium Pentacarbonyl Phosphine Compounds

Kevin J. Lee

The 'Indenyl Effect' of Iridium(I) Olefin Complexes
Lawrence P. Szajek

Multi-Nuclear NMR Studies on Solution Structures and Dynamics of Triosmium Hydrido Carbonyl Phosphine Cluster

Makoto Koike

Substitution and Redox Reactions of Heptarhenium Cluster Derivatives
Scott W. Simerly