Organic Chemistry Literature Seminar Abstracts

Fall 2021 Seminars

Norrish Type II Reaction-Enabled C–H Functionalization and Annulation
Thomas Trzupek

Ring Contractions through Radical Intermediates
Chiwon Hwang

Borylations from Carboxylic Acids
Amanda Milkovits

Organobismuths – A Powerful Pnictogen in Modern Organic Synthesis
Zachary Firestein

Synthetic Strategies Towards Rare Monosaccharides
Nolan Green

Advances in Nonclassical Benzene Bioisostere Synthesis and Functionalization
Samantha Barlock*


Spring 2022 Seminars


Advances of 1,2-Migrations in Boronate Complexes
Jonathan Maturano

Machine Learning in Computer-Aided Synthetic Planning: The Machine is Here to Stay
Jacob Weaver*

The Chemistry of Photoexcited Palladium Complexes
Peter Ryffel

Fundamentals and Modern Advances in Iron C-C Cross-Coupling
Blake Ocampo

Skeletal Surgery: Recent Advances in Molecular Editing Methodologies
Danielle Loving

Copper Photocatalysis: Inception and Current Efforts
Roberto Serrano


Transition Metal-Free Electrochemical C-H Functionalization
Cheng Yang

*Winner of Beak Literature Seminar Award

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