Fall 2023 Seminars

Catalytic Formation of Ammonia from Dinitrogen
Joshua Berger*

Total Synthesis and Biological Activity of "Supernatural" Products
Emma Simmons

O3: Three Recent Advances in Ozonolysis
Rachel Schaaf

Photoredox Mediated Oxidative Radical/Polar Crossover
Nick Wade

Photoswitchable Ruthenium-Based Catalysis for Olefin Metathesis
Tony Zhang

Replacing TNT: The Quest for a New Melt Castable Explosive
Yanni Lysandrou



Spring 2024 Seminars

Nucleophilic Fluoride as a Source for Sp3 C-H Fluorination
Jeffrey Celis-Chance

Acyl C-N Bond Insertions of Amides: New Electrophiles for Cross-Coupling Reactions
Carter Cunningham

Water-Soluble Synthetic Receptors: Artificial Molecular Recognition
Zhaochen Duan

Recent Advances in Selective [2+2] Cyclobutane Formation
Chang Jiang

Increasing Practicability of Air-Sensitive Synthetic Reactions
Oliver D. Pichardo Peguero

Aromatic C-H Thianthrenation: Mechanisms and Applications
Dongchen Ouyang*

Strategies Towards the Total Synthesis of Picrotoxinin
Shawn Schowe


*Winner of Beak Literature Seminar Award

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