Organic Chemistry Faculty

Martin D. Burke synthesis and study of small molecules with protein-like functions
Jefferson Chan development of small-molecule and protein-based sensors for non-invasive molecular imaging; preparation of new diagnostics and therapeutics for infectious diseases; synthetic organic chemistry
Scott E. Denmark synthetic organic chemistry; invention of new organic reactions (organoelement chemistry); elucidation of structure-reactivity-selectivity relationships (mechanistic studies); total synthesis of natural products (alkaloids, polypropionates, polyenes, C-aryl glycosides)
Paul J. Hergenrother design, synthesis, and evaluation of organic molecules with novel biological properties, especially novel anticancer and antibacterial agents; synthesis of complex and diverse compounds from natural products
Kami L. Hull development of and mechanistic studies on transition metal catalyzed reactions
Douglas A. Mitchell reactivity-based natural product discovery; complex molecule structural elucidation and derivatization; structure-activity relationships and mode of action determination of biomedically important compounds
Jeffrey S. Moore synthesis and study of macromolecules and other organic materials; self-healing polymers
David Sarlah synthesis of natural products and the related chemical biology; methodology development; asymmetric catalysis
Scott K. Silverman DNA as a catalyst
Wilfred A. van der Donk preparation of new antibiotics; synthetic and combinatorial chemistry; understanding enzymes involved in inflammation; enzyme engineering; design of new catalysts to clean-up polluted environments
M. Christina White organic synthesis with an emphasis on the discovery of transition-metal mediated reactions that address unsolved problems in organic methodology
Steven C. Zimmerman biorganic chemistry; synthetic chemistry; dendrimers as drugs and drug delivery systems; molecular recognition; small molecule-DNA molecule-DNA interactions

Other Faculty with Interests in Organic Chemistry:

Gregory S. Girolami John A. Gerlt
John A. Katzenellenbogen Yi Lu
Ralph G. Nuzzo Eric Oldfield
Kenneth S. Suslick Huimin Zhao*
Alison Fout  

* denotes departmental affiliate