Organic Chemistry Faculty

Martin D. Burke Synthesis and study of small molecules with protein-like functions; molecular prosthetics; synthesis of complex natural products; iterative cross-coupling; MIDA boronates  
Jefferson Chan Synthesis of activity-based sensing probes for point-of-care diagnostic applications; development of chemically responsive platforms for on-demand and site-selective drug delivery; rationale design of therapeutic agents for neurological disorders and cancer
Scott E. Denmark The invention, development, and application of catalytic asymmetric organic reactions; elucidation of structure-reactivity-selectivity relationships employing spectroscopic, crystallographic, and computational methods    
Paul J. Hergenrother Using compounds derived from synthetic organic chemistry and natural products to explore biological systems; examples include the synthesis and evaluation of anticancer and antibacterial agents with novel modes of action   
Angad P. Mehta Synthetic and molecular engineering platforms to: (i) recapitulate eukaryotic cell evolution, particularly, organelle evolution, (ii) develop synthetic tools for genome editing and (iii) develop vaccine candidates by constructing synthetic biochemical pathways
Douglas A. Mitchell Reactivity-based natural product discovery; complex molecule structural elucidation and derivatization; structure-activity relationships and mode of action determination of biomedically important compounds    
Jeffrey S. Moore Organic materials including self-healing polymers; materials for energy storage; nanostructures; mechanochemistry  
David Sarlah Synthesis of complex natural products and the related chemical biology; methodology development; asymmetric catalysis  
Scott K. Silverman DNA as a catalyst
Wilfred A. van der Donk Use of synthetic organic chemistry to address biological problems; antibiotic synthesis is of particular interest  
M. Christina White Reaction and catalyst discovery; site-selective Fe, Mn, and Pd catalysts for introducing oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon into C-H bonds for streamlining synthesis and late-stage functionalization of complex natural products and pharmaceuticals    
Steven C. Zimmerman Organic synthesis of “smart” molecules, catalysts, and polymers to solve problems at the interface of chemistry and biology or chemistry and materials  


Other Faculty with Interests in Organic Chemistry:

Gregory S. Girolami Organometallic chemistry; catalysis
Mary L. Kraft (faculty affiliate) Biomembrane surface science
Liviu M. Mirica Transition metal-catalyzed oxidative organic transformations
Ralph G. Nuzzo Functional organic materials 
Eric Oldfield Antibiotics; anti-cancer drugs
Lisa Olshansky Synthesis and application of switchable ligands to support dual metal ion coordination geometries 
Huimin Zhao (faculty affiliate) Natural product biosynthesis; synthetic biology

* denotes departmental affiliate