Martin D. Burke Synthesis and study of small molecules with protein-like functions; molecular prosthetics; synthesis of complex natural products; iterative cross-coupling; MIDA boronates  
Jefferson Chan Synthesis of activity-based sensing probes for point-of-care diagnostic applications; development of chemically responsive platforms for on-demand and site-selective drug delivery; rationale design of therapeutic agents for neurological disorders and cancer
Scott E. Denmark The invention, development, and application of catalytic asymmetric organic reactions; elucidation of structure-reactivity-selectivity relationships employing spectroscopic, crystallographic, and computational methods    
Paul J. Hergenrother Using compounds derived from synthetic organic chemistry and natural products to explore biological systems; examples include the synthesis and evaluation of anticancer and antibacterial agents with novel modes of action   
Angad P. Mehta Synthetic and molecular engineering platforms to: (i) recapitulate eukaryotic cell evolution, particularly, organelle evolution, (ii) develop synthetic tools for genome editing and (iii) develop vaccine candidates by constructing synthetic biochemical pathways
Douglas A. Mitchell Reactivity-based natural product discovery; complex molecule structural elucidation and derivatization; structure-activity relationships and mode of action determination of biomedically important compounds    
Scott K. Silverman DNA as a catalyst
Wilfred A. van der Donk Use of synthetic organic chemistry to address biological problems; antibiotic synthesis is of particular interest  
M. Christina White Reaction and catalyst discovery; site-selective Fe, Mn, and Pd catalysts for introducing oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon into C-H bonds for streamlining synthesis and late-stage functionalization of complex natural products and pharmaceuticals    


Other Faculty with Interests in Organic Chemistry:

Gregory S. Girolami Organometallic chemistry; catalysis
Mary L. Kraft (faculty affiliate) Biomembrane surface science
Liviu M. Mirica Transition metal-catalyzed oxidative organic transformations
Jeffrey S. Moore (research faculty) Self-healing polymers; mechanochemistry; nanostructures
Ralph G. Nuzzo (research faculty) Functional organic materials 
Eric Oldfield Antibiotics; anti-cancer drugs
Lisa Olshansky Synthesis and application of switchable metal ion ligands 
Huimin Zhao (faculty affiliate) Natural product biosynthesis; synthetic biology