Special Lectureships in Organic Chemistry

Throughout the academic year many special lectures and symposia are sponsored by the chemistry department. Listed below are those affiliated with organic chemistry.

C. S. Marvel Lectures in Organic Chemistry

This lectureship is held annually to host internationally recognized senior researchers in the field of organic chemistry. Professor John D. Roberts of the California Institute of Technology was the inaugural Marvel Lecturer in 1982.

R. C. Fuson Visiting Professors

This visiting professorship is held annually to host young faculty members who have made significant contributions to their field of research. Professor Eiichi Nakamura of the Tokyo Institute of Technology was the inaugural Fuson Visiting Professor in 1990.

Frontiers in Organic Chemistry Symposium

This biennial fall symposium celebrates research at the frontiers of organic chemistry in the general areas of synthesis, bioorganic and materials chemistry. This unique symposium is organized by a committee of graduate students representing each organic chemistry research group. Graduate students serve as the hosts for the five speakers who are chosen after consultation with all organic chemistry students. The symposium has been sponsored since 2000 by R.W. Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Institute (now Janssen Pharmaceuticals).

Organic Reactions Lectureship Series

This biennial lectureship (initiated in 1989 by Organic Reactions, Inc.) recognizes the accomplishments of younger (under 40) synthetic organic chemists not residing in North America and is provided to the departments of the active Board of Editors. Organic Reactions (founded in 1942) is one of the landmark publications created by Roger Adams at Illinois.


Organic Syntheses Lectureship Series

This lectureship, sponsored by Organic Syntheses, Inc., is provided to the departments of the active Board of Editors of the publication. Organic Syntheses, the first landmark publication created by Roger Adams at Illinois, had its beginnings as Summer Preps Laboratories during World War I.


3M Lectures in Organic Chemistry

2024 Clemence Corminbouef (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)
2022 Dr. Mike Wendland (3M)
Prof. Oren Scherman (University of Cambridge)
2019 Dr. Sean Smith (3M)
Prof. Konrad Tiefenbacher (U of Basel)
2018 Dr. David Hays (3M)
Prof. Bert Meijer (Eindhoven University of Technology)

AbbVie Lectures in Organic Chemistry
(Originally Abbott)

Abbott Laboratories has generously sponsored this annual lecture series since 2007. The lectureship provides funds to invite internationally recognized researchers for a one-day mini-symposium that includes a lecture from an Abbott Laboratories scientist.

2023-2024 TBD, AbbVie Laboratories
Daniele Leonori, RWTH Aachen University
2022-2023 Dr. Ryan Phelan, AbbVie Laboratories
Prof. Stefan Matile, University of Geneva
2020-2021 No Lecture
2019-2020 No Lecture
2018-2019 Dr. Brad Shotwell, AbbVie Laboratories
Prof. Cristina Nevado, University of Zurich
2017-2018 Dr. Xueqing Wang, AbbVie Laboratories
Prof. Shu-Li You, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry
2016-17 Dr. Violeta L. Marin, AbbVie Laboratories
Prof. Gregory C. Fu, California Institute of Technology
2015-16 Dr. Kristine E. Frank, AbbVie Laboratories
Prof. Jay S. Siegel, Tianjin University
2014-15 Dr. Michael Schrimpf, AbbVie Laboratories
Prof. Kazuaki Ishihara, Nagoya University – Japan
2012-13 Dr. John Randolph, Abbott Laboratories
Prof. John Vederas, University of Alberta
2011-12 Dr. Philip Kym, Abbott Laboratories
Prof. Makoto Fujita, University of Tokyo
2010-11 Dr. Dale Kempf, Abbott Laboratories
Prof. Ian Paterson, University of Cambridge
2008-09 Dr. Yi-Yin Ku, Abbott Laboratories
Prof. Antonio Echavarren, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
2007-08 Prof. David B. Collum, Cornell University


Amgen Lectures in Organic Chemistry

2024 Sunkyu Han, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Dr. Liang Zhang (Amgen)
Prof. Don Hilvert (ETH Zurich)

2020 Dr. Kyle Quasdorf (Amgen)
Prof. Jonathan Clayden (University of Bristol)

Dr. John Allen (Amgen-canceled due to weather)
Prof. Nuno Maulide (University of Vienna)

2017 Dr. Matthew Beaver (Amgen)
Prof. Greg Challis (University of Warwick)
2017 Dr. Ana Minatti (Amgen)
Prof. Dirk Trauner (New York University)
2015 Dr. Sheng Cui (Amgen)
Prof. David Milstein (Weizmann Institute of Science)

Bristol-Myers Squibb Lectures in Organic Synthesis

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) has generously sponsored this annual lecture series since 2001. The lectureship provides funds to invite internationally recognized researchers for a one-day mini-symposium that includes a lecture from a BMS scientist.

2023-2024 Paolo Melchiorre, University of Bologna
2022-2023 Dr. Andrew Degnan, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Prof. Darren Dixon, University of Oxford
2020-2021 No Lecture
2019-2020 Dr. Antonio Ramirez, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Prof. Michinori Suginome, Kyoto University
2018-2019 Dr. Ryan Moslin, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Prof. Eric Meggers, Philipps-Universität Marburg
2017-2018 Dr. Francisco González-Bobes, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Prof. Jan-E. Bӓckvall, Stockholm University
2016-17 Dr. Bruce Ellsworth, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Prof. Stephen Buchwald, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2015-16 Dr. Adrian Ortiz, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Prof. Matthias Beller, Leibniz-Institute for Catalysis, Rostock
2014-15 Dr. John Macor, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Prof. Dennis Hall, University of Alberta
2013-14 Dr. Martin Eastgate, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Prof. David Spring, University of Cambridge
2012-13 (Spring) Dr. Joel C. Barrish, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Prof. Ben Feringa, University of Groningen
2012-13 (Fall) Dr. Rajendra Deshpande, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Prof. Benjamin Davis, University of Oxford
2010-11 Dr. William R. Ewing, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Prof. Paul Knochel, Ludwig-Maximilians-University
2009-10 Dr. David Kronenthal, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Prof. Andreas Pfaltz, University of Basel
2007-08 Dr. Carl Decicco, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Prof. Dr. Peter Seeberger, ETH Zürich
2006-07 Dr. Akin Davulcu, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Prof. Jonathan Ellman, University of California, Berkeley
2005-06 Dr. Lawrence G. Hamann, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Prof. Amir H. Hoveyda, Boston College
2004-05 Dr. Robert E. Waltermire, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Prof. Daniel Kahne, Harvard University
2003-04 Dr. Lawrence B. Snyder, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Prof. André Charette, Université de Montréal
2002-03 Dr. John W. Scott, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Prof. William R. Roush, University of Michigan
2001-02 Dr. John J. Venit, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Prof. Mark Lautens, University of Toronto

Eli Lilly and Company Lectures in Organic Chemistry

Eli Lilly and Company has generously sponsored this annual lecture series since 2005. The lectureship provides funds to invite internationally recognized researchers in the field of organic chemistry.

2023-24 Dr. Adriana Jemison, Eli Lilly
Prof. Hagen Bayley, University of Oxford
2022-23 Dr. Alison Brewer, Eli Lilly
Prof. Yoshiaki Nakao, Kyoto University
2020-21 Dr. Timothy D. White, Eli Lilly
2014-15 Prof. James Morken, Boston College
2013-14 Prof. Ilan Marek, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
2012-13 Prof. Gary Molander, University of Pennsylvania
2011-12 Prof. Matthew S. Sigman, University of Utah
2009-10 Prof. Herbert Waldmann, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology
2008-09 Prof. Donald Hilvert, ETH Zürich
2007-08 Prof. Scott J. Miller, Yale University
2005-06 Dr. Louis Jungheim, Eli Lilly and Company
Prof. M. Reza Ghadiri, The Scripps Research Institute


Genentech Lectures in Organic Chemistry

2024 Bill Morandi (ETH Zurich)
2022 Dr. Jason Zbieg (Genentech)
Prof. Eiji Yashima (Nagoya University)
2019 Dr. James Crawford (Genentech)
Prof. Tomohisa Kuzuyama (University of Tokyo)
2018 Dr. Haiming Zhang (Genentech)
Prof. Rubén Martín (Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia)


Janssen Lectures in Organic Chemistry

2024 Motomu Kanai, The University of Tokyo
2023 Prof. Lee Cronin, University of Glasgow
Dr. Iulia Strambeanu, Janssen


Merck Lectures in Organic Chemistry

2024 Franziska Schoenebeck, RWTH Aachen University
2023 Merck Rep. TBD
Prof. Masayuki Inoue, University of Tokyo
2022 Dr. Dipannita Kalyani (Merck)
Prof. Josep Cornella (Max Planck Institute)
2021 Dr. Greg Hughes (Merck)
2018 Dr. Doug Beshore (Merck)
Prof. Seth Herzon (Yale University)
2017 Dr. John Limanto (Merck)
Prof. Frank Glorius (University of Münster)


Novartis Seminars in Organic Chemistry

Novartis has generously sponsored this annual lecture series since 2002. The lectureship provides funds to invite internationally recognized researchers for a one-day mini-symposium that includes a lecture from a Novartis scientist.

In 2003, the inaugural Novartis lecturer was Prof. Duilio Arigoni from the ETH Zürich.

2022-2023 Prof. Jason Chin, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, University of Cambridge
2021-2022 No Novartis representative
Prof. Ruth Gschwind, University of Regensburg
2018-2019 Dr. Duncan Shaw, Novartis
Prof. Janine Cossy, ESPCI ParisTech
2017-2018 Dr. Nicola Smith, Novartis
Prof. Alois Fürstner, Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung
2015-16 Dr. Christopher Brain, Novartis
Prof. Karl Gademann, University of Zürich
2014-15 Dr. Stefan Peukert, Novartis
Prof. Helma Wennemers, ETH Zürich
2013-14 Dr. Andrew Patterson, Novartis
Prof. Jeffrey Bode, ETH Zürich
2012-13 Dr. Frédéric Zécri, Novartis
Prof. Guy Lloyd Jones, University of Bristol – United Kingdom
2011-12 Dr. Bryan Yeung, Novartis
Prof. Motomu Kanai, University of Tokyo
2010-11 Dr. Simon Bushell, Novartis
Prof. Takuzo Aida, University of Tokyo
2008-09 Prof. Alanna Schepartz, Yale University
2004-05 Prof. Hisashi Yamamoto, University of Chicago
2003-04 Prof. Donna Blackmond, University of Hull
2002-03 Prof. Duilio Arigoni, ETH Zürich



2024 Marisa Kozlowski, University of Pennsylvania
2023 Richmond Sarpong, University of California, Berkeley
2022 Tristan Lambert, Cornell University
2020 Todd Hyster, Princeton University
2020 Keary Engle, Scripps Research Institute
2018 Jeff Aube, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2018 Tom Rovis, Columbia University
2016 Mark Lauters, University of Toronto
2015 Timothy Jamison, Massachusetts Institute of Technology