Organic Literature Seminar Abstracts

Spring 2018 Seminars

Recent Advances in Base Metal-Catalyzed HAT Reactions with Unactivated Olefins
Tanner Bingham

Spring-Loaded Compounds in Organic Synthesis
Yaroslav Boyko

Isodesmic Functional Group Transfers of Olefins
David Dennis

Precise Genome Engineering Via Programmable Base Editing
Emily Geddes

Glycoconjugation: An Effective Strategy for Vaccination
Preston Hills-Rieck

Ligand-Substrate Interactions for Preorganization in Transition-Metal Catalysis
William Wertjes

Dynamic control of Gene Expression Using RNA Regulators
Kyle Shelton

Green Chemistry: Catalyzed C-C Bond Formation under Aqueous Conditions
Thao Xiong


Fall 2017 Seminars

Group 14: Transition Metal Mimicry
Alexander Beebe

Biomimetic Bond Activation via Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer
Matthew Boudreau

Transition Metal Mediated Carbon-Carbon Bond Cleavage Reactions via Oxidative Addition
Rachel K. Chambers

Recent Developments in Aliphatic C–H Azidation of Complex Molecules
Martin Garcia Chavez

The Development and Application of the Asymmetric Pictet-Spengler Reaction
Kimberly Hilby

Current Trends in Electrochemical Oxidation of Arenes and Olefins
Christopher Huck

Reductive Radical Cascade Cyclizations- Towards Asymmetry
Raundi Quevedo 

Quantification of Non-covalent Interactions Using Molecular Torsion Balances  
Brennan Rose  

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