Seemon Pines Award

The Seemon Pines Award is sponsored by the late Dr. Seemon Pines, alumnus of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Illinois who went on to establish an illustrious career at Merck after receiving his PhD with Prof. Nelson Leonard. At Merck he helped develop a large number of life-enhancing therapeutic drugs, such as cortisone, easing the suffering of millions. He served as Vice President of Pharmaceutical Process R&D and was awarded Merck's highest scientific honor, the Director's Scientific Award. Dr. Pines used this cash prize to establish the Seemon Pines Award and the Pines Travel Award to foster student development at the University of  Illinois. The Seemon Pines award is granted each year for the most outstanding research presentation at the Annual Beak-Pines Organic Area Allerton Conference. Recipients in recent years:


Marya Ornelas (Mehta)

2021 no conference this year
2020 no conference this year
2019 Chris Huck (Sarlah)
2018 Soumitra Athavale (Denmark)
2017 Kenton Hetrick (van der Donk)
2016 Lucas Hernandez (Sarlah)
2015 Michelle Richter (Hergenrother)
2014 Anthony Grillo (Burke)
2013 Spencer Peck (van der Donk)
2012 Kyle Dunbar (Mitchell)
2011 Joseph Bair (Hergenrother)
2010 Eric Woerly (Burke)
2009 Diana West (Hergenrother)
2008 John Whitteck (van der Donk)
2007 Douglas Davis (Moore)
2006 Kenneth Fraunhoffer (White)
2005 Benjamin Leslie (Hergenrother)
2004 Rebecca Coppins (Silverman)
2003 Joseph Rule (Moore)
2002 Gregory Beutner (Denmark)
2001 Anobel Tamrazi (Katzenellenbogen)
2000 Matthew Epperson (D. Gin)