Vanderveer Voorhees Award

This award is presented each year to the 4th year graduate student(s) with the most creative Independent Research Proposal. Dr. Voorhees was a graduate student with Professor Roger Adams and was the coauthor on the seminal paper describing catalytic hydrogenation with palladium oxide (J. Am. Chem. Soc 1922, 44, 1397-405), which came to be known as Adams' catalyst. Recent recipients of the Vanderveer Voorhees Award:


Lucas Hernandez (Sarlah)
Hailey Knox (Chan)

2018 Andrew Zahrt (Denmark)
2017 Jonathan Lehmann (Burke)
2016 Jonathan Tietz (Mitchell)
2015 Michelle Richter (Hergenrother)
2014 Michael Lambrecht (Hergenrother)
2013 Tommy Osberger (White)
2012 Paul Gormisky (White)
2011 Marinus Bigi (White)
2010 Pulin Wang (Burke)
2009 Rahul Palchaudhuri (Hergenrother)
Stacie Richardson (Baranger)
2008 Nathan Duncan-Gould (Denmark)
Darrel Kuykendall (Zimmerman)
2007 William Collins (Denmark)
Benjamin Leslie (Hergenrother)
2006 Jack Liu (Denmark)
2005 John Heemstra, Jr. (Denmark)
2004 Justin Montgomery (Denmark)
2003 Dahui Zhao (Moore)
2002 Matthew Gieselman (van der Donk)
Gregory Beutner (Denmark)
2001 Kyle Hurth (Katzenellenbogen)