Fellowships and Award Opportunities

Fellowship and Award Opportunities

A large number of fellowships are awarded to graduate students in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Illinois. In addition to national fellowships from various federal agencies and private foundations, the department awards many fellowships that are funded by private donors and industrial sources. For incoming graduate students, the Admissions Committee awards fellowships based on the same criteria used to assess applicants for admission. For continuing graduate students, generally those entering years 2, 3, and 4, students are evaluated on a year-appropriate combination of GPA and academic and research progress, as well as assessments of the students by their research advisors. Some individual research areas in the department have area-specific fellowships that are awarded based on merit as assessed by the area faculty.

The following is a list of fellowships that students offered admission will be considered and nominated for at the departmental level. There is no need for students to apply for these fellowships.

Departmental awards:

Graduate College awards:

Training programs:

Chemistry-Biology Interface Training Program - Please indicate interest in the CBITP in your personal statement.

Students need not apply for the above, but those offered admission will be considered and nominated at the department level. Students may search for additional internal and external fellowship and award opportunities at the Graduate College Fellowship Finder database.



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