Fall 1991/Spring 1992 Inorganic Seminar Abstracts

Fall 1991
Literature Abstracts

Synthesis and Reactivity Studies of High-Nuclearity Carbido Clusters of Heptarhenium-Iridium and Decaruthenium
Linqing Ma

C60: Physical Properties and Superconductivity
William R. Entley

Quasicrystals: A Look at Impossible Symmetry
Suzanne Charnick

Biomineralization of Calcium and Iron
Atul K. Verma

Cyclo-P5: An Analogue of Cp
Jinling Hao

Transition Metals Complexed to Mesophases: Palladium(ll) Containing Metallomesogens
Yuewu Chen

Catalytic Properties of AlPO Molecular Sieve Derivatives
Bimal R. Patel

C-O Bond Activation of Organic Substrates By Transition Metal Complexes
Humberto Mui

Spring 1992
Literature Abstracts

Methane Hydroxylation by Methane Monooxygenase
David Benson

Structural and Doping Correlations to High Temperature Superconductivity in Copper Oxides
Keith D. Kepler

Iron Sulfur Clusters and the Role of Iron in Aconitase
Anne Venturelli

The Addition of Oxygen to Coordinated Thiophene
Anton Skaugset

Catenanes, Rotaxanes, and Interpenetrating Nets: A New Class of Molecules and Solids
Carole S. Chang

Ziegler-Natta Catalysis: The Nature of the Active Site
Philip D. Lane

Solid Ion-Conductive Polymers
David L. Compton

Push-Pull Porphyrins as Non-Linear Optical Materials
Chin-Ti Chen

Recent Developments in Homogeneous Nitrogen Fixation. A Study of Reactive Intermediates
Michael Hay

The Sonochemical Synthesis of Proteinaceous Microspheres
Mark W. Grinstaff

Highly Reduced Metal Carbonyls
Daniel G. Brown

The Chemical Vapor Deposition of Copper, Copper(I) Oxide, and Silver from Metal-Organic Precursors
Patrick M. Jeffries

Recent Developments in Organoplatinum Chemistry
Melissa J. Nelsen

Dynamics and Mechanism of Spin-State Interconversion in Transition Metal Complexes
James K. McCusker

The Sol-Gel Polymerization of [Si8O12](OCH3)8
Phillip C. Cagle