Fall 1995/Spring 1996 Inorganic Chemistry Seminar Abstracts

Fall 1995
Literature Abstracts

Creating Metal-Binding Sites in Proteins: The Antibody Approach
Lynette Cunningham

Understanding Biomineralization: Structure, Kinetics, and Applications of Ferritin
Jeffrey A. Sigman

Progress in Photovoltaic Technology: The Advent of Dye Sensitized Semiconductors
Jonathan T. Goodman

Beyond Crown Ethers: The Chemistry of Macrocyclic Thioethers
Julia Brumaghim

Metal Squarates: Structural Factors Affecting Physical Properties
Adeana Bishop

Advances in Chrysotherapy. Novel Gold(I) Compounds and Insight into Metabolic Reactions
Rosann Bish

Transition Metal Catalyzed Dehydropolymerization of Silanes to Form Polysilanes: Reactions, Mechanism, and Applications
Robert M. Tylicki

Gallium Nitride: A Novel IIl-V Semiconductor
David Hamilton

Spring 1996
Literature Seminars

Mobile Metal-Metal Bonds in Platinum Metal Sulfide Clusters
Anne Venturelli

STM and FTIR Comparison of the Binding and Oxidation of Phenol Derivatives on Au(111)
Katherine M. Richard

Part I. Chemical Processing of Barium Titanates
Part II. The Chemistry of Sulfotitanic Acids, Molecular Analogues of Sulfated Metal Oxide Superacids

Shurong Liang

Thiophene Complexes of Early Transition Metals
Philip R. Stafford

Polyoxotitanates and Their Role in Titania Sol-Gel Polymerization
Yuewu Chen

Nanostructured Catalytic and Magnetic Materials: Sonochemical Synthesis and Characterization
Taeghwan Hyeon

Porphyrin Liquid Crystals
Bimal Patel

Sonochemically Produced Proteinaceous Microspheres
Mike Wong

Part I. Synthesis, Characterization, and Reactivity of Low Valent Organotitanium Complexes
Part II. Chemical Vapor Deposition of Rhodium Metal Thin Films

Yujian You

Synthesis and Properties of Mononuclear and Polynuclear Indenyl Iridium Complexes
Matthew C. Comstock

Zinc Polysulfides as Precursors to ZnS and as Group Transfer Reagents
Atul K. Verma

David L. Compton

Zirconium and Hafnium Organometallic Compounds: Molecular Geometry of Five-, Six-, and Seven-Coordinate Species
Melissa J. Nelsen