Chemical Biology Faculty

Martin D. Burke Synthesis and study of small molecules with protein-like functions; molecular prosthetics; synthesis of complex natural products; iterative cross-coupling; MIDA boronates
Jefferson Chan Development of chemical probes for sensing and biological imaging of disease states; synthesis of
small molecules and nanomaterials to modulate biology with light  
Martin Gruebele In vitro, in cell, and in vivo protein folding; protein-RNA interactions; protein-protein interaction dynamics
Hee-Sun Han Dissecting complex molecular networks in healthy/diseased tissues; single virus genomics; single cell transcriptomics; in vitro/in vivo imaging; quantum dots; microfluidics; high-throughput technologies
Paul J. Hergenrother Use of small molecules to identify and define novel targets for the treatment of cancer, neurodegeneration, and drug-resistant bacteria 
Yi Lu Metalloprotein design based on proteomics and computational biology; nucleic acid sensors and therapeutics; DNA nanomaterials
Zaida (Zan) Luthey-Schulten Simulations of in vivo stochastic processes in single cells and colonies using GPUs; physics of metabolic networks; evolution of translation; dynamical networks of protein-RNA interactions; statistical mechanics of the genome and DNA replication
Liviu M. Mirica Development of bifunctional therapeutic and diagnostic agents for amyloid peptide disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease; study of the role of transition metal ions in neurodegenerative diseases
Douglas A. Mitchell Natural product chemical biology; mechanistic enzymology; structure-function studies of complex small molecules; bioinformatic and bioorganic methodology to accelerate biomedical discovery 
Eric Oldfield Drug discovery and NMR/X-ray
Lisa Olshansky Switchable artificial metalloproteins for the investigation of enzyme mechanism; application to renewable energy conversion and in the development of targeted therapeutics  
Chad M. Rienstra NMR methods for biomolecular structure and function; applications to Parkinson’s disease, systemic amyloidosis, and drug-sterol interactions 
Scott K. Silverman DNA as an enzyme
Jonathan V. Sweedler Neurochemistry: the characterization of unusual neurotransmitters and neuromodulators and the determination of their function  
Wilfred A. van der Donk Antibiotic biosynthesis; combinatorial chemistry of phosphonates; enzymology
Steven C. Zimmerman Small-molecule therapeutic agents that target DNA and RNA; development of chemical catalysts for chemical biology; drug and cellular delivery agents; biomaterials; nanomedicine 


Other Faculty with Interests in Chemical Biology:

Raven Huang (affiliate faculty) Structural biology
Mary L. Kraft (affiliate faculty) Biomembrane surface science
Deborah Leckband Biological adhesion
Susan Martinis RNA-protein structure/function
Catherine Murphy Biophysical chemistry
Satish Nair (affiliate faculty) Structural biology
Stephen G. Sligar (emeritus faculty) Nanobiotechnology and drug discovery
Huimin Zhao (affiliate faculty) Synthetic biology and natural product synthesis