Chemical Biology Faculty

Martin D. Burke Synthesis and study of small molecules with protein-like functions; molecular prosthetics; synthesis of complex natural products; iterative cross-coupling; MIDA boronates
Jefferson Chan

Advanced imaging agents for neurological disorders and cancer; synthesis of activity-based sensing probes to discover new mechanisms of premature aging; chemically responsive platforms for on-demand and site-selective drug delivery

Martin Gruebele In vitro, in cell, and in vivo protein folding; protein-RNA interactions; protein-protein interaction dynamics
Hee-Sun Han Dissecting complex molecular networks in healthy/diseased tissues; single virus genomics; single cell transcriptomics; in vitro/in vivo imaging; quantum dots; microfluidics; high-throughput technologies
Paul J. Hergenrother Use of small molecules to identify and define novel targets for the treatment of cancer, neurodegeneration, and drug-resistant bacteria 
Zaida (Zan) Luthey-Schulten Simulations of in vivo stochastic processes in single cells and colonies using GPUs; physics of metabolic networks; evolution of translation; dynamical networks of protein-RNA interactions; statistical mechanics of the genome and DNA replication
Anastasia C. Manesis Bioinorganic chemistry of metalloproteins; structural and mechanistic studies of diheme and multiheme enzymes as it relates to O2 activation chemistry; bioinformatics-guided approaches to the identification of novel metallocofactors within unexplored protein superfamilies; metalloenzyme catalysis; microbial oxidative stress response; protein engineering.
Angad P. Mehta Synthetic and molecular engineering platforms to: (i) recapitulate eukaryotic cell evolution, particularly, organelle evolution, (ii) develop synthetic tools for genome editing and (iii) develop vaccine candidates by constructing synthetic biochemical pathways
Liviu M. Mirica Development of bifunctional therapeutic and diagnostic agents for amyloid peptide disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease; study of the role of transition metal ions in neurodegenerative diseases
Douglas A. Mitchell Natural product chemical biology; mechanistic enzymology; structure-function studies of complex small molecules; bioinformatic and bioorganic methodology to accelerate biomedical discovery 
Eric Oldfield Drug discovery and NMR/X-ray
Lisa Olshansky Switchable artificial metalloproteins for the investigation of enzyme mechanism; application to renewable energy conversion and in the development of targeted therapeutics  
Scott K. Silverman DNA as an enzyme
Jonathan V. Sweedler Neurochemistry: the characterization of unusual neurotransmitters and neuromodulators and the determination of their function  
Wilfred A. van der Donk Antibiotic biosynthesis; combinatorial chemistry of phosphonates; enzymology


Other Faculty with Interests in Chemical Biology:

Raven H. Huang (faculty affiliate) Structural biology
Mary L. Kraft (faculty affiliate) Biomembrane surface science
Deborah E. Leckband Biological adhesion
Susan A. Martinis (faculty affiliate) RNA-protein structure/function
Catherine J. Murphy Biophysical chemistry
Satish K. Nair (faculty affiliate) Structural biology
Stephen G. Sligar (emeritus faculty) Nanobiotechnology and drug discovery
Huimin Zhao (faculty affiliate) Synthetic biology and natural product synthesis