Chemical Biology Faculty

Martin D. Burke synthesis and study of small molecules with protein-like functions
Jefferson Chan development of small-molecule and protein-based sensors for non-invasive molecular imaging; preparation of new diagnostics and therapeutics for infectious diseases; synthetic organic chemistry
Robert B. Gennis protein-lipid interactions; membrane-bound enzymes; bioenergetics; cytochromes
John A. Gerlt predicting and discovering new enzymatic functions, metabolites, and metabolic pathways; mechanistic enzymology; unnatural mutagenesis
Martin Gruebele time-resolved spectroscopy applied to biological systems; protein folding dynamics
Hee-Sun Han dissecting complex molecular networks in healthy/diseased tissues single cell omics; single virus genomics; ; in vitro/in vivo imaging, quantum dots; microfluidics; high-throughput technology
Paul J. Hergenrother design, synthesis, and evaluation of organic molecules with unique biological properties, including enzyme inhibitors and activators; novel anticancer and antibacterial compounds
Deborah E. Leckband structure/function relationships of cell adhesion proteins and their role in disease; single-molecule biophysics; mechanistic studies of protein recognition and bio-adhesion; allosteric regulation of protein functions; molecular tension sensors in biology
Yi Lu design of metalloenzymes as biocatalysts for alternative energies and asymmetric catalysis; selection of DNA/RNAzymes for environmental monitoring, medical diagnostics, and targeted drug delivery; DNA-directed assembly of nanomaterials for photonics and sensing
Zaida (Zan) Luthey-Schulten computational studies of biomolecular energy landscapes to explore the evolution of structure, folding, and function
*Susan A. Martinis RNA-protein structure/function
Douglas A. Mitchell natural product chemical biology: mechanistic enzymology of key biosynthetic enzymes; structure-function studies of complex small molecules; development of bioinformatic and bioorganic methodology to accelerate the discovery of biomedically important compounds
*Satish K. Nair structural biology
Eric Oldfield drug discovery for infectious diseases and cancer: synthesis of new drug leads; X-ray crystallography; spectroscopy; computational chemistry
Chad M. Rienstra study of membrane protein structure, dynamics, and function by solid-state NMR; development of new experimental methodology and instrumentation
Scott K. Silverman DNA as an enzyme
Stephen G. Sligar physical and chemical mechanisms of oxygenase catalysis; self-assembled nanoscale complexes; development of therapeutics for human disease targets
Jonathan V. Sweedler analytical neurochemistry: more specifically, studies on cell to cell signaling pathways involved in learning, memory, and behavior, as well as conserved aspects of neurotransmission across the metazoan
Wilfred A. van der Donk mechanistic enzymology of metalloenzymes; antibiotic biosynthesis; genome mining for new natural products; synthesis of peptide conjugates
*Huimin Zhao protein engineering; metabolic engineering; bioinformatics; high-throughput technologies such as directed evolution and protein microarrays
Steven C. Zimmerman design, synthesis, and evaluation of small molecules and polymers as drugs, drug and cell delivery agents, and imaging agents

*denotes departmental affiliate