Inorganic Chemistry Faculty

Majed Fataftah Synthetic and physical inorganic chemistry applied to quantum information science, emergent magnetic materials, and bioinorganic chemistry
Andrew A. Gewirth Structure and reactivity of surfaces, materials, and interfaces relevant to catalysis, electrodes, and biology
Gregory S. Girolami Synthesis of transition metal complexes and their use as catalysts; as precursors for the chemical vapor deposition of thin films; as building blocks for novel magnetic materials   
Damien S. Guironnet Development and implementation of organometallic complexes as polymerization and/or depolymerization catalysts   
Hee-Sun Han Design and develop new precursors for high-quality inorganic nanoparticle synthesis; use of inorganic nanoparticles for single molecule imaging and cellular imaging; assembly of nanoparticles
Anastasia C. Manesis Bioinorganic chemistry of metalloproteins; structural and mechanistic studies of diheme and multiheme enzymes as it relates to O2 activation chemistry; bioinformatics-guided approaches to the identification of novel metallocofactors within unexplored protein superfamilies; metalloenzyme catalysis; microbial oxidative stress response; protein engineering
Liviu M. Mirica Synthetic and mechanistic inorganic and organo-metallic chemistry applied to energy catalysis and oxidative organic transformations; study of the role of transition metal ions in neurodegenerative diseases 
Catherine J. Murphy Syntheis of inorganic nanoparticles of controlled shape and size; use of inorganic nanoparticles for optical sensing and imaging with biological and environmental applications  
Lisa Olshansky

Design, synthesis, and examination of switchable metal complexes for bioinspired solutions in solar energy conversion and multi-electron, multi-proton catalysis 

Benjamin Snyder

Inorganic spectroscopy and electronic structure; porous materials; heterogeneous catalysis; zeolites; metal–organic frameworks

Josh Vura-Weis Femtosecond X-ray spectroscopy of catalytic reaction intermediates


Other Faculty with Interests in Inorganic Chemistry:

Jefferson Chan Coordination chemistry, metal ion sensing and PET imaging
Scott E. Denmark Transition-metal and main-group chemistry
Walter G. Klemperer (emeritus faculty) Porous inorganic solids, polyoxometalates, platinum chemistry, NMR
Ralph G. Nuzzo (research faculty) Nano and microscale fabrication; integrated devices
Eric Oldfield Metalloproteins as drug targets
Thomas B. Rauchfuss (emeritus faculty) Synthesis and mechanistic studies of catalysis
Stephen G. Sligar (emeritus faculty) Nanobiotechnology; drug discovery
Kenneth S. Suslick (emeritus faculty) Sonochemistry; sensor arrays
Wilfred A. van der Donk Metalloenzyme catalysis
M. Christina White Transition-metal mediated reactions for organic synthesis