Teachers Ranked as Excellent by their Students

Circle with excellent written around the edges with a thumbs-up in the middleThese lists are compiled on semester basis and reflect student ratings of instruction. The ratings are based on Instructor and Course Evaluation (ICES) questionnaire forms maintained by Measurement and Evaluation, Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning. ICES is used across campus as the official instructor and course evaluation for faculty and teaching assistants. The ICES results are often utilized for course improvement, promotion & tenure review, teaching award decisions, and student registration assistance (via our "Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students" list). 

Congratulations to the following faculty, instructors, and teaching assistants who were ranked excellent by their students during the Fall 2018 course evaluation process. 


Professors and Instructors

Greg Girolami So Hirata
Elise McCarren * Brett McGuire
Steven Zimmerman  


Teaching Assistants

Aguilar-Romero, J. Ahn, C.   * Akin, L.
Alvarado-Rodriguez, E. Arbulu, R. * Asthana, A.
Bajaj, Shiv * Barrett-Ness, D. * Bock, M.
Bruchhauser, Alexander * Bruske, E. Budaitis, B.
Caroff, C. Chan, N. Chin, Kristy
Choi, C. Cornelius, R. Daigh, L.
* Darrow, W. * Davydovich, O. Delucia, A.
* Desormeaux, E. Duong, K. Dykstra, C.
East, A. * Eslami, S. Estrada, Lorenzo
Fahey, K. * Farmer, R. * Farooqi, S.
* Feher, A. * Furukawa, Megan * Gaffner, Abby
Garcia, A. * Geocaris, Jack Goffinet, A.
Goldberg, Z. * Gorman, K. * Greenlee, A.
Griffin, P. Hakim, A. Haloi, N.
* Hartman, Jessi  Hatfield, K. * Heberer, N.
* Hill, R. Hills-Rieck, P.  * Ho, S.
Hooper, A. Hosseini-Joujili, M. Jain, S.
* Janas, T. Karkhanis, P. * Karumuri, R.
* Komnick, Kailey * Kuenneth, T. * Lalani, Sheharyar
Laporte, A. Le, T. Liao, C.
* Madsen, K. * Malik, M. * McDevitt, Madeline
Mena, Aaron Merchen, C. * Moore, M.
* Morris, Timothy Mrugala, Alex * Murad, P.
* Nalla, Siva Natof, Tyler Nguyen, D.
Pace, A. * Parnell, C. Patel, K.
Patel, R. * Poozhikunnel, A. Qin, X.
Raj, A. * Rea, M. Regovich, K.
* Rehman, A. Rilloraza, R. * Ritthamel, Jake
* Rodriguez, J. Sarksian, R. * Schneider, Robert
* Shim, E. Skrodzki, D. * Smolczyk, T.
* Stawiasz, K. * Suh, Lois * Szczepankiewicz, D.
* Taylor, S. * Thornburg, Z. Timken, M.
* Tonogai, E. Varghese, Jeffrey * Vergara Panzone, J.
Vo, S. Weaver, J. * Weigle, A.
Wright, J. * Xia, N. * Yang, E.
Yang, J. * Yeh, Rebecca Yi, Z.
* You, T. * Yount, J.  Youssef, R.
Youssef, S. Zhao, H. Zhao, Y.
* Ziolkowski, Leah    

* annotates those ranked as "Outstanding".

Please note: not all instructors use ICES rating forms and therefore the list will not be entirely complete.

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