Physical Chemistry Faculty

Mikael Backlund Optical microscopy, quantum sensing, magnetic resonance, single-molecule and super-resolution microscopy, metrology, biophysics, condensed matter
Majed Fataftah Synthetic and physical inorganic chemistry applied to quantum information science, emergent magnetic materials, and bioinorganic chemistry
Martin Gruebele Dynamics of complex systems by experiments, computation and theory, from single molecule absorption spectroscopy on surfaces to vibrational energy flow in molecules, glass dynamics, protein folding in live cells, and vertebrate behavior
Hee-Sun Han Development of a new imaging platform for high throughput single-molecule imaging in tissues; Creation of a microfluidic platform for high throughput single virus sequencing; Deciphering multi-level regulatory networks in complex biological systems
So Hirata Electronic and vibrational quantum many-body theories for molecules, polymers, and solids; computational spectroscopy; high-performance computing; computer algebra for many-body theory formulation and programming
Nick Jackson Theoretical soft materials chemistry, electron and ion transport, machine learning applied to molecular and polymeric systems, multiscale all-atom and coarse-grained simulations
Prashant K. Jain Quantum light-matter interactions; superresolution vibrational spectroscopy; chemistry under quantized excitations; mechanisms of energy and charge flow on the nanoscale; plasmonics; photophysics and photochemistry; phase transitions on the nanoscale
Christy F. Landes New spectroscopic tools to image chemical dynamics at interfaces at the limit of a single event; creating new models to understand and predict macroscale processes like protein separation and photocatalysis
Stephan Link Photophysics and photochemistry of nanomaterials, plasmonics, solar energy conversion, single-particle imaging, ultrafast spectroscopy
Zaida (Zan) Luthey-Schulten Simulations of in vivo stochastic processes in single cells and colonies using GPUs; physics of metabolic networks; evolution of translation; dynamical networks of protein-RNA interactions; statistical mechanics of the genome and DNA replication  
Nancy Makri Development and application of path integral and trajectory-based methods for simulating quantum dynamical processes in the condensed phase 
Eric Oldfield Drug discovery using NMR, X-ray, and computational methods
Kenneth S. Schweizer Statistical mechanical theory of the structure, phase behavior, properties and dynamics of soft materials composed of molecules, polymers, colloids, and nanoparticles in the liquid, crystal, glass and gel states 
Benjamin Snyder Inorganic spectroscopy and electronic structure; porous materials; heterogeneous catalysis; zeolites; metal–organic frameworks
Josh Vura-Weis Tabletop femtosecond X-ray spectroscopy of excited-state nuclear and electronic dynamics in transition metal complexes, focusing on short-lived states in inorganic catalysts and photomagnetic materials 


Other Faculty with Interests in Physical Chemistry:

Dana D. Dlott (emeritus faculty) Laser spectroscopy under extreme conditions
Robert B. Gennis (emeritus faculty) Membrane proteins; bioenergetics
Andrew A. Gewirth Spectroscopy and microscopy of energy-related interfaces
Zhaleh Ghaemi Theoretical and computational biophysics
Gregory S. Girolami Chemical vapor deposition; catalysis; molecule-based magnets 
Liviu M. Mirica Spectroscopy of transition metal catalysts; photocatalysis; physical inorganic chemistry
Catherine J. Murphy Inorganic nanomaterials
Ralph G. Nuzzo (research faculty) Nano and microscale fabrication; integrated devices
Lisa Olshansky Transient states in solar-to-fuels conversion; switchable artificial metalloproteins 
Baron Peters Rates and mechanisms of catalysis, nucleation, and crystal growth with rare events techniques from molecular simulation and quantum chemistry
Taras Pogorelov (research faculty) Biomolecular computation
Charles M. Schroeder (faculty affiliate) Single-molecule studies of polymers and biomolecules
Kenneth S. Suslick (emeritus faculty) Sonochemistry; sensor arrays
Jonathan V. Sweedler Neurochemistry; cell-cell signaling pathways
David Woon (research faculty) Computational astrochemistry; Hypervalent bonding; Chemical education