Analytical Chemistry Faculty

Jefferson Chan

In vitro and cell-based assays of biomarkers for aging, neurological disorders, and cancer; molecular changes in tissue microenvironment during disease progression using analyte-responsive imaging agents; responsive platforms using molecular beacons for on-demand and site-selective drug delivery

Andrew A. Gewirth Alternative energy; batteries; fuel cells; solar; interfacial electrochemistry; spectroscopy; structure
Hee-Sun Han Dissecting complex molecular networks in healthy/diseased tissues; single virus genomics; single cell transcriptomics; in vitro/in vivo imaging; quantum dots; microfluidics; high-throughput technologies
Prashant K. Jain Nanoscale imaging; single-molecule spectroscopy; Raman scattering; plasmonics; electrochemistry; energy chemistry; sustainable chemical synthesis
Christy F. Landes New spectroscopic tools to image chemical dynamics at interfaces at the limit of a single event; creating new models to understand and predict macroscale processes like protein separation and photocatalysis
Stephan Link

Photophysics and photochemistry of nanomaterials, plasmonics, solar energy conversion, single-particle imaging, ultrafast spectroscopy

Catherine J. Murphy Inorganic nanomaterials for chemical sensing and cellular imaging; bioanalytical studies of the “protein corona” around nanoparticles; photothermal therapy with targeted nanoparticles

Joaquín Rodríguez-López

Nanoelectrochemistry; advanced electrochemical characterization and imaging of materials and interfaces for electrocatalysis and energy storage; redox polymers; ultrathin electrodes; electrochemical simulation
Mei Shen Nano-bioanalytical chemistry; high spatiotemporal single cell signaling; neurochemistry
Jonathan V. Sweedler Analytical neurochemistry; dynamic studies of subcellular neurotransmitter distribution and release; ultra-trace peptide analysis


Other Faculty with Interests in Analytical Chemistry:

Rohit Bhargava (faculty affiliate) IR and Raman spectroscopy; chemical imaging; cancer pathology; 3D printing
Dana D. Dlott (emeritus faculty) Laser spectroscopy under extreme conditions
Mary L. Kraft (faculty affiliate) Biomembrane composition imaging
Christy Landes New spectroscopic tools to image chemical dynamics; create new models to understand & predict macroscale processes
Liviu M. Mirica Development of diagnostic and imaging agents for neurological disorders; electrocatalysis for small molecule activation.
Shuming Nie Nanotechnology & medicine; in vitro diagnostics; wearable optoelectronics 
Ralph G. Nuzzo (research faculty) Condensed phase interfaces; analytical protocols
Elena Romanova (research faculty) MS-based discovery and characterization of endogenous peptides
Stanislav Rubakhin (research faculty) Microbioanalysis; MS imaging; single cell and single organelle samples
Stephen G. Sligar (emeritus faculty) Nanobiotechnology; drug discovery
Huimin Zhao (faculty affiliate) Synthetic biology; natural product synthesis