Analytical Chemistry Faculty

Jefferson Chan development of chemical probes for sensing and biological imaging of the tumor microenvironment
Andrew A. Gewirth inorganic spectroscopy; scanning tunneling microscopy; interfacial electrochemistry
Hee-Sun Han single cell omics; single virus genomics; dissecting complex molecular networks in healthy/diseased tissues; quantum dots; microfluidics; high-throughput technology; in vitro/in vivo imaging
Prashant K. Jain nanoplasmonics and nano-optics; near-field manipulation of photophysics and photochemistry; super-resolution imaging of active sites in heterogeneous catalysis; imaging phase transformations in single nanodomains; artificial photosynthesis
Deborah E. Leckband nanomechanics of biomolecules; cell adhesion; biomaterials; tissue engineering
Yi Lu functional DNA nanotechnology and its applications in sensing, imaging, and medicine
Catherine J. Murphy optical properties of metallic nanoparticles for chemical sensing and biological imaging
Ralph G. Nuzzo chemistry of materials; nano and micro-scale fabrication; soft materials; integrated devices and self-organizing structures

Joaquín Rodríguez-López

scanning electrochemical microscopy; reactivity imaging in electrochemical systems; non-traditional analytical techniques for energy-related systems: batteries and fuel cell electrocatalysts, electrochemical applications of graphene, photoelectrochemistry, nanoelectrodes
Jonathan V. Sweedler analytical neurochemistry; dynamic studies of subcellar neurotransmitter distribution and release; ultra-trace peptide analysis
Aaron T. Timperman proteomics; microfluidics; nanofluidics; mass spectrometry; medical diagnostic devices; microfluidic cell culture; microbial stress response; coral bleaching; coral microbiome; single cell analysis; cellular mechano-phenotyping

Other Faculty with Interests in Analytical Chemistry:

Dana D. Dlott Kenneth S. Suslick
Benjamin J. McCall Huimin Zhao*
Chad M. Rienstra  
Stephen G. Sligar  
Mary L. Kraft*  

*denotes departmental affiliate