Administration and Staff

Chemistry header over north doorway of NoyesThe Department of Chemistry has been part of the University of Illinois since the university's beginning in 1868. By 1893, a four-year BS degree program in Chemistry had been established, and the first PhD in Chemistry was awarded in 1903. By the 1920s, the department was one of the largest in the United States in terms of facilities, faculty, and degrees granted. By the end of the twentieth century, more than 3,400 doctoral degrees had been awarded, making the Department of Chemistry at the University of Illinois the premier PhD-producing chemistry program in the United States. For more information about the Department, visit our Notable Accomplishments, History, and News pages.

Department Administration

Department of Chemistry Administration consists of a Head, two Associate Heads, the Director of Graduate Studies, the Director of Undergraduate Studies, the Director of General Chemistry, and a number of committees led by faculty who in turn are supported by departmental staff. To contact members of the department's administration, call (217) 333-5071.

Department of Chemistry - Administrative Organizational Chart
Department of Chemistry - Organizational Chart for Areas of Specialty

Department of Chemistry - Standing and Ad Hoc Committees

Department of Chemistry - Bylaws and Policy Manual

Department Head

Martin GruebleProfessor Martin Gruebele is the Head of the Department of Chemistry. The Head provides leadership for the academic mission of the department, working closely with two Associate Heads and department staff.

Associate Head of Budget and Operations

Scott Siverman budget and operations

Professor Scott Silverman is the Associate Head of Budget and Operations. He chairs the department's Budget and Operations Committee. He coordinates development and implementation of department policies on financial topics, space, teaching, and teaching assistants. He manages allocation of space within the department. He coordinates with the Assistant Director of Finance and Administration regarding all grants, procurements, and human resources topics. He is an ex officio member of the Admissions Committee, working with the Admissions Committee Chair to finalize all documents and procedures associated with graduate admissions.

Associate Head of Major Projects

Prasahant Jain HeadshotProfessor Prashant Jain is the Associate Head of Major Projects. He coordinates with the School of Chemical Sciences (SCS) regarding major building projects as well as renovations, repair, and maintenance of department space. He coordinates with SCS service and support facilities regarding their service to departmental faculty, staff, and students. He oversees the implementation of department safety policies and practices in concert with SCS.


Director of Graduate Studies

Wilfred van der DonkProfessor Wilfred van der Donk is the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS), who oversee students in the doctoral program. As DGS, he coordinates with the Associate Head of Budget and Operations to provide oversight to the Graduate Admissions Committee. He works with the faculty to review decisions on the passing of requirements by doctoral candidates and the acceptability of dissertations submitted by graduate students.

Director of General Chemistry

Christian Ray General Chemistry Serving the department’s undergraduates is the Director of General Chemistry, Dr. Christian Ray. He is responsible for managing the general chemistry courses and the general chemistry instructional staff, who serve undergraduate chemistry majors as well as students from across campus.


Director of Undergraduate Studies

Tina HuangDr. Tina Huang is the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUGS). She is responsible for monitoring all aspects of the undergraduate program with the overall goal of better serving the Department of Chemistry undergraduate majors. This includes evaluating the effectiveness of multiple programs and services that constitute the undergraduate program in chemistry such as undergraduate advising, access to and quality of research experiences, job placement and access to internships, programs to recruit and retain underrepresented minorities, courses and curriculum. She is also liaison to the various offices and facilities that serve the undergraduate students within the department, including the Chemistry Learning Center, the SCS Career Counseling and Placement Services, and the SCS Academic Advising office.


Departmental Staff

Assistant Director of Finance and Administration

Jenny CoxAs the Assistant Director of Finance and AdministrationJenny Cox is the Chief Administrative and Financial Officer of the Department of Chemistry, with primary responsibility for managerial oversight of department operations. Jenny supervises department staff and serves as the point of contact with the School of Chemical Sciences (SCS) Human Resources Office, providing guidance to the Department Head and faculty in handling personnel matters and overseeing departmental human resource needs. Jenny also provides interpretation of School, College, and University policies as well as development of department policies and procedures.  To contact Jenny Cox, call (217) 244-3915 or email her at

Assistant Director of Graduate Diversity and Program Climate

Dr. Lloyd Munjanja headshotDr. Lloyd Munjanja, Assistant Director of Graduate Diversity and Program Climate, assists the Department of Chemistry with the recruitment, retention, and advancement of graduate students, with a specific focus on underrepresented groups. For more information about diversity programs and initiatives in the department, please contact Lloyd Munjanja by calling (217) 300-4174 or emailing him at



Financial Analyst

Katie EinckAs Financial Analyst, Katie Einck is the departmental approver for purchases and employee travel reimbursements. She is a resource for faculty and staff, providing guidance regarding TEM and other purchasing functions. She reviews and analyzes departmental finances and makes recommendations of funding sources for specific operational needs. She also performs periodic analysis of faculty funds to assist with deficit resolution and strategic expenditure planning.

To contact Katie Einck, call (217) 333-4938 or email her at

Office Administrator

Tina LambAs Office Administrator, Tina Lamb’s duties include managing reception and providing administrative support to the Department Head and Assistant Director of Finance and Administration. She is the main chemistry administrative office contact for scheduling meetings for the Department Head and department committee meetings. She is the contact for faculty searches, promotion & tenure processes, sabbaticals, and RNUA approvals, and she provides backup assistance in other vital department functions such as TEM processing, purchase orders, and convocation.

To contact Tina Lamb, call (217) 333-9846 or email her at

Office Support Specialist

This position is currently vacant.

Graduate Admissions

Admissions & Records Supervisor

Sean DrummondAdmission to the graduate programs in the Department of Chemistry and operation of the Graduate Admissions office are managed by Sean Drummond. The office assists prospective students and department faculty with the application and admissions process for graduate programs in Chemistry. The office tracks recruitment efforts (including communicating with other universities) and works with the Graduate College on application management and fellowship nominations for prospective students.

Information pertaining to the application process is available on our websiteYou may contact the Chemistry Graduate Admissions Office directly by phone at (217) 244-6245, toll-free (800) 516-0276 in the US, or by email at

Office Support Specialist

Lisa WilliamsonLisa Williamson supports the Graduate Admissions Office by assisting with the admissions process. She is also responsible for making updates and changes to the content on the Department of Chemistry webpages.

To contact Lisa Williamson, call (217) 300-7265 or email her at  lisaw@illinois.eduYou may contact the Chemistry Graduate Admissions Office directly by phone at (217) 244-6245, toll-free (800) 516-0276 in the US, or by email at


Instructional Technology

Director of Instructional Technology

Doug Mills Director of Intructional Technology As Director of Instructional Technology, Doug Mills supports course technology needs and develops interactive online content for faculty and instructors. Doug provides leadership in the development of Chemistry learning spaces and initiatives and serves as a liaison for instructional technology interests across campus.

To contact Doug Mills, call (217) 244-5739 or email him at


Senior Instructional Technology Specialist

IAlejandro Ibarra Instructional Technology Specialistnstructional Technology initiatives are supported by Alejandro (Alex) Ibarra, Senior Instructional Technology Specialist. Alex assists the Director, as well as other members of the department’s faculty and staff, in areas related to multimedia production, video editing, and web design. He serves as the liaison between the Department of Chemistry and the Center for Multimedia Excellence on campus.

To contact Alex Ibarra, call (217) 244-0947 or email him at

Chemistry Learning Center (CLC)

Senior Chemistry Learning Center Specialist

Sarah Sheeley Senior Chemistry Learning Center Specialist As Senior Chemistry Learning Center (CLC) Specialist, Dr. Sarah Sheeley’s primary goal is to provide undergraduates with the support they need to successfully navigate their general chemistry courses. In addition to providing one-on-one help to students in the CLC, she trains and supervises CLC staff members, develops supplemental web-based instructional content, and maintains the CLC resource collection.    

To contact Sarah Sheeley, call (217) 333-2998.

Student Services

Graduate Program Coordinator

Connie KnightThe Graduate Program Coordinator, Connie Knight, manages the administration of the department's graduate program, including registration, graduation requirements, fellowships, and student issues. She serves as the liaison on graduate student issues to campus groups such as the Graduate College and is responsible for many aspects of data-keeping related to graduate studies in the department, including managing the format review process for theses and providing data related to graduate students to the Department Head and other campus contacts.

To contact Connie Knight, call (217) 244-4844 or email her at

Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator

Heather SchulzeThe Undergraduate Student Coordinator, Heather Schulze, is the primary contact for course scheduling, enrollment, grade reporting, and classroom space assignments for the department. She is the coordinator for the department's annual convocation ceremony. She is the liason between SCS Advising and the department. She works directly with undergraduates and faculty regarding registration and course spaces. She provides information to the Department Head and those outside the department on enrollment and space. 

To contact Heather Schulze, call (217) 244-9875 or email her at

Engagement and Development

Stewardship Coordinator

Christen MercierChristen Mercier is responsible for gift fund management and donor stewardship. She coordinates the acknowledgment of department gifts, ensures that the use of gift funds reflects donor intent, and celebrates the impact of philanthropy on Chemistry students and faculty. She develops and manages the department’s broader communications and alumni relations strategy and initiatives. In these efforts she works closely with the department’s communications, events and activities, finance, and major giving staff.

To contact Christen Mercier, call (217) 300-6506 or email her at

Communications Specialist

This position is currently vacant.


Events Coordinator

This position is currently vacant.

Associate Director of Development (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences)

Joe MaddenWith a focus on major gifts, Joe Madden serves as a resource for donors throughout the giving process, connecting Chemistry’s supporters with impactful philanthropic opportunities. Working as part of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, he collaborates with Chemistry staff on stewardship strategies and engagement initiatives.

To contact Joe Madden, call (217) 333-7108 or email him at


For more information about giving to the Department of Chemistry, please visit our giving page.