Career Paths in Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry at Illinois is among the strongest programs in the country and has been so for over three-quarters of a century. This long, rich tradition is perpetually refreshed as faculty and students complete work in maturing areas and then open new vistas. Currently, there is great excitement in bioanalytical chemistry and non-biological surface catalysis. This impact focus contrasts with the stereotypical view that analytical chemistry is about instrument and method development. In fact, many novel instruments and techniques are developed in the course of research.

Chemical Biology

Recent advances in chemistry, molecular biology, and biophysics are presenting us with spectacular opportunities both to increase our understanding of biological systems at the molecular level and to attack medical problems.

For individual faculty research in Chemical Biology, please see the Chemical Biology faculty page.

Inorganic Chemistry

Excellence in Inorganic Chemistry

sonolum_luminol_horn_smallThe University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is one of the premier institutions for inorganic chemical research, as shown by its ranking as one of the top 5 graduate inorganic programs by US News and World Report.

Materials Chemistry

Mission Statement and Purpose

The Materials Chemistry specialization is an exciting, interdisciplinary program of research that involves research in topics central to the rapidly evolving field of materials chemistry. Faculty in this specialization represent a range of research interests from biomaterials to polymers to inorganic nanoparticles. Our research encompasses the chemical synthesis of materials, the molecular and physical basis of materials structure and properties, and the interplay between molecular-level structure, composition, and functional properties.

Organic Chemistry

GinOn behalf of the organic chemistry faculty at Illinois, I welcome your interest in our area. The field of organic chemistry has both a rich history and modern dynamism that seamlessly interfaces with biology, medicine, materials science, and a host of other fields.

Physical Chemistry

The extraordinary vigor of the graduate program in physical chemistry at the University of Illinois results from many factors: