Online Resources

Collection of liquid-filled beakers


Additional Study Resources

  • CLC General Chemistry Tutorials
    Tutorials developed by Dr. Sarah Sheeley at the University of Illinois to explain common sticking points for U of I students.

  • Chemistry Flashcards
    A collection of mobile-friendly flashcards for different topics to help you memorize what needs to be memorized.

  • Study Skills Videos
    A series of videos by Dr. Stephen Chew of Samford University to help students identify and develop the study skills required for success in college-level courses.


Online Chemistry Games

  • Chemistry Mahjong
    Match tiles to learn oxidation states, name polyatomic ions and other basic chemical concepts.  Flash required!

  • Organic Molecule Game
    Battle mad scientists and zombie TAs to be the first to name simple organic molecules!

  • Chemistry Haiku
    Take a break from studying and read some stirring (and funny!) haiku poems about each member of the periodic table.


Information Resources