Climate Committee

Responsibilities of the committee

The Climate committee is responsible for developing practices, policies, assessing and improving the research environment in the chemistry department. The committee solicits input from department members and examines practices adopted by other departments within the University of Illinois and beyond, using this information to formulate recommendations to the department's leadership.   The committee has diverse representation, including three faculty, one postdoc, two staff members, and two graduate students. 

Spring 2019 committee members

Wilfred van der Donk, chair
Nancy Makri, faculty
Elise McCarren, instructional faculty
Lloyd Munjanja, staff

Kara Metcalf, OCB staff
Marina Philip, Sweedler grad student
Connor Delaney, Denmark grad student
Lily Robertson, Moore postdoc

Some current projects of the committee

  • Developing the Community Values and Expectations that will be signed by every member of the community

  • Developing departmental protocols to protect victims of sexual harassment

  • Include workshops in CHM 492 and CHM 592 on climate issues such as  sexual harassment, mental health, professionalism in the research labs among others
  • Assessing climate for the department

If you witness any inappropriate behavior, please submit a report here:

After submission, the information will be reviewed ONLY by the Assistant Director of Graduate and Program Climate, Dr. Lloyd Munjanja, who will decide upon the appropriate action steps that include discussion with the Department Head, review by the Climate committee or informing University authorities. The online reporting system will act as a record to document information on individuals not abiding by the highest standards of professionalism. If you need immediate professional, please call the Counselling Center at 217-333-3704. If you need to meet with Dr. Munjanja, please set up an appointment here