Mental Health Concerns

  • Short-term mental health concerns or emergencies please reach out to counseling center (217-333-3704)
    • Same day appointments
    • Limited to several sessions
    • More permanent solutions like group therapy exist here
  • Longer-term mental health concerns reach out to McKinley (217-333-2700)
    • Dual medicine-therapy approach (therapists and psychiatrists freely communicate when they share a patient to best serve those needs)
    • Limited to 15 therapy sessions but they can make exceptions.
    • Unlimited psychiatry
    • Can do same day appointments, but it is preferred you call and schedule appointment (Please be advised that it could take a month to get in)
    • Will do baseline assessment and refer directly to DRES
  • Long term mental health concerns are should be sent to DRES after McKinley
    • McKinley staff will make and email application to DRES
    • DRES will reach out to make appointment
    • Meet with specialist to help students with their personal needs
    • Accommodation letters are given to student

Free and unlimited therapy from Ph.D. level therapists

This flow chart was developed by an active member of the chemistry community, Dr. Elizabeth Neumann (Sweedler Group).