Diversity Committee


The Diversity Committee (DC), with the Associate Director of Diversity and Program Climate as chair, will lead departmental ongoing efforts to recruit underrepresented minority and women graduate students, postdocs and faculty. In addition, the committee is responsible to develop practices and policies that build and maintain an inclusive environment where differences of opinion, beliefs, and values are sought, listened to, respected, and valued.


The Diversity Committee is composed of one (1) Chair, one (1) area officer, three (3) faculty, two (2) graduate students and one postdoc each of whom will serve staggered three-year terms in order to maintain continuity for the committee. The initial committee will establish staggered terms: one member will serve one (1) year, one will serve two (2) years, and one will serve three (3) years. The chair of the committee will serve a three-year term.

Current Committee Members

José Andino Martinez, chair
Joaquín Rodríguez-López, faculty
Lloyd Munjanja, staff
Steven Zimmerman, faculty
Gayle Adkisson, staff
Safiyah Muhammad, graduate student
Nicholas Pino, graduate student

Current projects of the Committee

  • Reviewing the diversity hiring practices of faculty and the admission of graduate students to ensure that we have more women, and people of color in the department.   
  • Developing strategies of bringing postdocs of color for seminars;
  • Exploring and addressing barriers that stand in the way of people with marginalized identities feeling a sense of welcome and belonging in the department?