Notify Department of Incivility

If you witness any behavior that is inconsistent with our Community Values and Expectations, please notify the department here

After submission, the information will be reviewed ONLY by Aurora Cruz-Torres, Senior Assistant Director of Inclusive Excellence in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, who will decide upon the appropriate action steps, which could include a discussion with the Department Head, review by the Climate/Diversity committee or informing University authorities. The online reporting system will act as a record to document information on individuals who do not exhibit the highest standards of professionalism in the department. If you need immediate professional assistance, please call the Counselling Center at 217-333-3704. If you need to meet with Aurora Cruz-Torres, please set up an appointment via email.

By using this notifying system, we want to identify issues of incivility in their infancy and intervene before issues escalate to levels that hinder our scientists’ ability to carry out their mission of research, teaching, and service.

While Aurora Cruz-Torres is available to discuss options with students after a sexual harassment incident, the University mandates that Cruz-Torres report the incident to the Title IX office as a responsible employee. We understand that some students and faculty might want the opportunity to brainstorm their options before reporting. In that case, please reach out to the confidential advisors or confidential resources support below.

Confidential advisor

A person employed or contracted by a higher education institution to provide emergency and ongoing support to student survivors of sexual violence with the training, duties, and responsibilities described within the Illinois Preventing Sexual Violence in Higher Education Act.

Confidential resource

An individual who is not required to disclose reports of sexual misconduct to the University or law enforcement.

Confidential Resources

Counseling Center 
(217) 333-3704

McKinley Health Center 
(217) 333-2705

Women's Resources Center (Confidential Advisors) 
(217) 333-3137

Rape Advocacy Counseling & Education Services (R.A.C.E.S.)
(217) 384-4444

Courage Connection (Domestic Violence) 
(217) 384-4390