Faculty Research Presentations

Fall 2017

Each fall, many faculty organize research presentations for interested students; below is a list of scheduled faculty presentations specifically geared towards first year students. Other faculty have specifically requested to meet individually with prospective students. These lists will be updated as we receive information about these events from faculty, but please do not consider either to be an exhaustive list of faculty taking students into their group. At any time, you are also welcome to contact individual faculty members to request a meeting or more information about their groups.

On Wednesday, September 6  All Students required to attend: 1024 Chem Annex
7:30 – 8:50 pm The Process of Joining a Research Group Seminar – Professor Wilfred van der Donk, Director of Graduate Studies

For more information on an indvidual faculty member, click on their name to visit their faculty page. A full list of faculty can be found by clicking on "Faculty" in the right-hand navigation of this page.

Those who wish to meet one-on-one:

Asst. Prof. Jefferson Chan – Please contact him directly at jeffchan@illinois.edu

Asst. Prof. Alison Fout – Please contact her directly at fout@illinois.edu

Prof. So Hirata – Please contact him directly at sohirata@illinois.edu (He is on sabbatical so this will be by Skype)

Assoc. Prof. Prashant Jain – Please contact him directly at jain@illinois.edu

Prof. Nancy Makri – Please contact her directly at nmakri@illinois.edu

Prof. Jeffrey Moore – Please contact his assistant Ashley Trimmell at trimmell@illinois.edu

Prof. Eric Oldfield – Please contact him directly at eoldfield@illinois.edu

Research Asst. Professor Taras Pogorelov Please contact him directly at pogorelo@illinois.edu

Prof. Scott Silverman – Please contact him directly at sks@illinois.edu

To see upcoming presentations in calendar view, please click here.